Dodge Cummins Upgrades

Cummins Engine

Complete engine builds from stock to extreme performance:

When it comes to turning a factory Dodge Ram Cummins into a specimen even Tim Allen would have to grunt at, the engine power plays a significant role. Whether you are pulling your race car or livestock to the next event, taking the family on a fun-filled day of errands and a little league game, or turning your Dodge Ram into your race car, the OEM Cummins engine is capable of being improved upon for performance, efficiency, and reliability.
Ram Engine Repair

Performance engine upgrades for Dodge Ram Cummins:

Current federal, state, and local laws significantly prohibit our ability to increase torque and horsepower output, but there are some modifications, products, and parts that can provide a noticeable increase without peaking the interest of Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane, or your spouse when the credit card bill arrives… (ok, well, the spouse might notice, but this is where you can try cuddling, doing the dishes, watching a movie, or changing your outfit to divert their attention from the affair you are having with your Dodge Ram Cummins truck!).

Cold air intakes:

While many will convince you that getting a “cold air intake” will be a significant step towards domination amongst your friends on a country road on Saturday night, we have a different point of view. If you are staying within a moderate power range for street use, we have found quality factory replacement filters provide the airflow necessary, and more importantly, the filtration efficiency needed to get you there without taking on additional risk. An aftermarket Dodge Cummins “cold air intake” kit may flow more under certain conditions, but are rarely needed. Often times the changes they have made to increase flow into the engine also cause a reduction in filtration efficiency allowing particulates and debris to enter your turbo, intercooler, and engine. This reduction in air quality and increase in particulates entering the engine has a negative effect on the long-term life and reliability of your Dodge Cummins engine.

Camshafts/valve-train upgrades:

Most people think about programming, fuel, and turbos when thinking about performance parts for increasing power from their Dodge/Ram diesel power plant. What is often forgotten about, and is arguably a weakness in the Cummins engine is the ease in which air enters the cylinders. While turbos can do the trick to increase airflow, that is kind of like using a big stick when a carrot could work.

Installing a more efficient camshaft and getting cylinder head work done to increase airflow into the engine is the most reliable way to increase useable power, increase fuel economy, and increase the overall efficiency of the Dodge Ram Cummins engine. After all, any internal combustion engine is just an air pump… if either the intake or the exhaust side is restricted, or not working as efficiently as possible, the complete system is negatively affected.

Engine Repair

Head studs replacement:

At nominal power levels, head studs are often not needed, but every Cummins diesel generation in Dodge Ram trucks has its idiosyncratic issues. Later model 6.7l engines are more prone for head gasket issues along with early 5.9l 12v engines. Early 24v 5.9l engines started having some head gasket issues under high power/load conditions and we are now seeing more 24v head gaskets leak externally due to age and fatigue.

If rebuilding a Dodge Ram Cummins engine, it is always a good time to consider head studs to help ensure strong head gasket seal and longevity. Head studs can also be added when replacing a head gasket, when cylinder head work is being performed off the truck, or when all is good with your Cummins diesel engine and/or Dodge Cummins transmission, but you want that extra level of protection and peace of mind.